Understand how effective your marketing is at a single glance

Hourglass BI is an integrated CX and Marketing analytics, modelling, and management tool that enables you to understand the ROI of your marketing & CX in real-time and a single glance.

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More than a dashboard

With monthly account management meetings to help you continue to optimise your growth assets and automated growth asset management, Hourglass takes care of the heavy lifting when it comes to analytics so that you can do what you do best: make good decisions.

Weekly Data Updates

Hourglass updates on a weekly basis, providing you with an accurate detail as to how your growth assets are currently performing.

Expert Growth Management

An expert growth manager will help you understand your analytics and pursue opportunities to optimise your growth assets.

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See how it works

See how the beta works with this 10-minute video from founder, Tom Uhlhorn

Transparent pricing


Grow your business with this beta-only price

$300/ mo
  • Customised dashboard
  • Weekly data updates
  • Monthly growth consulting
  • Beta pricing grandfathering


For agencies with multiple clients

  • Customised dashboards
  • Weekly data updates
  • Multiple dashboards
  • Beta pricing grandfathering

Register for beta

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Is the data live?

The data is updated on a weekly basis. If you require more than a weekly data update, we can arrange for this at an additional cost.

Can I self-serve?

At this stage, you cannot use the system as a self-serve customer. This is due to the complexities in the back-end that would make you pull your hair out.

Can I run multiple businesses?

Yes, please enquire about our agency offering.

Can I white-label the dashboard?

It's on the product roadmap, but not at this stage. If this is a necessity for your agency, then please let us know and we can discuss prioritising white labelling for your needs.